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EXCLUSIVE: Strength in NUMBERS Featuring REKSTIZZY by Joe Hunter

The Strength in NUMBERS train keeps rolling as we unveil the latest “variant” album cover to Chops’ massive Asian American hip-hop movement.

Even though the government shut down, we gotta say “God Bless America” — and eat burgers — because artist Joe Hunter‘s REKSTIZZY cover just went live. After the jump, you can come at Rekstizzy all you want, and download a high-resolution jpeg of the latest Strength in NUMBERS alternate album cover. Just right-click on the image and save it for your iPhone.

FROM: Queens, NY
KNOWN FOR:Come At Me Bro” (featuring Lil Fame), “God Bless America” (featuring twerking and hamburgers), and being Asian America’s very own ODB
STRENGTH: Gives zero fucks. Funny, brash, different, offensive, doing a bellyflop into a lukewarm clone-filled cookie-cutter pool.
CHOICE LINE from Strength In NUMBERS: “I ain’t ahead of my time, they hate me right now…”
ILLUSTRATION BY: Joe Hunter (@Joe_Hunter)
Strength In NUMBERS info:

Check back with The Nerds of Color tomorrow for more Strength in NUMBERS album covers!

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