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It’s a Draw with Natalie Kim Debuts in One Week

I am so stoked to announce a new video series we Nerds will be bringing to you dear readers. My friend, the New York City-based actress/writer/artist Natalie Kim has a new — and awesome — YouTube show called It’s a Draw with Natalie Kim that will be debuting exactly one week from today. You may recognize Natalie from her other web series including Super Twins, the comedic web series about fraternal superheroes, and the indie comic review show Inked TV.

Natalie is also part of the SIUniverse fam since her story “Ching Shih: Queen of Pirates” (with art by Robin Ha) was featured in Shattered.

On It’s a Draw, Natalie will interview comedians, cartoonists, and YouTubers — all while drawing at the same time. The show is officially part of the Channel Frederator network, and we’ll be bringing you the show here at The Nerds of Color every Thursday starting on January 16.

After the jump, check out a clip from Natalie’s interview with former Saturday Night Live player Horatio Sanz.

It’s a great concept and an entertaining time. And you can subscribe to the show here. We can’t wait until next Thursday!

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