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The Human Torch is Being Played by a Black Guy. So What?!?

Originally posted at BadAzzMofo

Now that Black actor Michael B. Jordan has been officially cast as Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch) in the new Fantastic Four movie, all the negative crap has started to spew (again). We’ve all heard the crap before: “Johnny Storm is white!!! That’s Like casting a white actor as Martin Luther King, Jr!” Well, dumbass racist, it’s actually nothing like that. Johnny Storm is a fictional character. Martin Luther King Jr. being played by a white actor would like… well… it would be kind of like this…

Jack Oakie playing real life African American explorer/mountain man James Beckworth.

Chuck Connors playing real life Apache warrior Geronimo.

John Wayne playing Mongol emperor Genghis Khan.

Would you like me to go on? Or could you just shut up, and avoid sounding any more racist?

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