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Megatron/Soundwave Art Print Available at NYCC

by Jerry Ma | Originally posted at Epic Proportions

Okay, so this took me much much much longer than I ever expected.  I remember sitting at my desk at work and trying to think of something fun to draw.

When it hit me to have Megatron holding Soundwave as a cassette player listening to music; honestly, I was so proud of myself. I thought it was such a badass idea. [Ed. note: Having “Awesome Mix” on Laserbeak is a nice touch.]

Then I had to draw it. And holy cow, was this grueling!

I used a ruler when I penciled it. And I truly did not enjoy penciling this piece. You can see the pencils below.

Then it took me a few days to even get the energy to ink it. Which was equally as unenjoyable for me to do. You can see the inks below.

But I gotta say, I actually enjoyed coloring this piece and finishing it.  I’m very happy to be done with it. Truth is, I think this is one of my worst drawings in a long time. I see so many problems with it.

That being said, I think I was able to “mask” a lot of those mistakes when I colored it, which made me feel better about it as a whole.

I’m a great sales man, right?

Anyway, this will be a 13×19″ art print I’ll have with me at the NY Comic Con, October 9-12 at my Booth #2010.

So definitely stop by and tell me how you can still see all the mistakes.

Jerry Ma is the founder of Epic Proportions, Art Director for SIUniverse Media, and a graphic designer based in New York City. Hise art and design work has appeared at the New York Asian Film Festival, Linsanity the documentary, Cherry Sky Films, TOPPS, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Entertainment, The New Press, Gap Kids, Aeropostale, Hanes, Champion, and C9.

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