One on One with Arrow Director Lexi Alexander

Arrow fans, are you ready for next week’s episode, “Beyond Redemption,”  directed by fan-favorite Lexi Alexander? Fortunately, the woman behind such films as Green Street and Punisher: War Zone — and one of the best follows on twitter — was kind enough to sit down with Keith to talk media representation, directing superheroes, and whether she should be a permanent guest host of Hard NOC Life.

Topics covered on the show include:

  • Her background as a mixed race Palestinian growing up in Germany
  • Why a money-obsessed Hollywood is uninterested in telling stories for women or people of color
  • Working on Punisher: War Zone and why superhero movies are always helmed by white men
  • How she was approached by the producers of Arrow to direct an episode this season
  • The difference between directing television and directing films
  • The danger of thinking gender parity exists in television directing and how it props up the status quo
  • Directing True Blood star Rutina Wesley and her introduction to the DC Universe as Lady Cop

  • Why a Lexi Alexander-driven Iron Fist show — starring an Asian American lead — would be the best show on TV
  • Whether or not Lexi should come back as a future guest host of the show!

All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

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4 thoughts on “One on One with Arrow Director Lexi Alexander

  1. What a great show! I understand Lexi Alexander’s view in directing a Wonder Woman film, but I still believe the problem with that project is coming up with a solid story that captures the best aspects of that heroine. There still is no defining story the general audience can say about her…besides leaving Paradise Island with Steve Trevor to fight bad guys. Rumors say the upcoming movie will have her appear in three different time periods…which says she time travels? They’re saying she’s a time-travelling superheroine?

    It’s a pity America doesn’t have that Great Asian-American actor. A friend of mine always thought Jason Scott Lee was a great actor.

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