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Cosplay and Osaka: My Final Nipponbashi Street Festa

Ever since I moved to Japan in 2011, I have been checking out Osaka’s (my current hometown) cosplay extravaganza, the Nipponbashi Street Festa. Every year around the end of March, hundreds of cosplayers, anime/video game fans, and photographers collide in Nipponbashi (aka Den Den Town), Osaka’s answer to Akihabara. Sadly, this was my final experience in witnessing this wonderful event as I will be moving back to the U.S. this summer.

As always, it did not disappoint.

With the three hours I had, I tried my damn best to get as many photos as I could. The amount of people who come to this festival though gets crazier every year and I only managed to loop around the area once. Still, I got plenty of nice shots!

It wouldn’t be a cosplay festival without Cloud and Sephiroth.
Evangelion cosplay is always around but this the first time I have seen a Lilith.

Present met future here.

One Jigen was posing until another one showed up from behind. Then this happened. Moments like these is why I love this festival.

Kylo Ren rocking those heels!


The parking lot where the itashas (cars drowned in anime decals) were located was replaced with a mini event that featured a giant statue of Mazinger Z.  I’ll take it.

Thanks for an awesome five years of cosplay, Osaka. Mark my words, I will find my way back sometime in the future!

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