Irony is a Shade of Scarlett

So like many of you I caught the interview where Scarlett Johannson encouraged moviegoers to keep asking for diversity.

Now I like ScarJo and all but like many of you I laughed heartily for a good five minutes.

The guffawing finally ceased when I realized this wasn’t an Onion article and the Lucy and Ghost In The Shell star was being serious.

Then this was my reaction.











golden child



And on that glorious note…………



  1. 1. The 2017 Ghost in the Shell film does have a diverse cast.

    2. It’s much more diverse than the original anime, where the main characters are almost all Japanese, even though the city it is set in is based on Hong Kong, i.e. a Chinese city (there are no ethnic-Chinese characters with speaking parts at all).

    3. ScarJo is right. Diversity is something we should demand in all films, rather than declaring certain films as token minority films and demanding they be cast in a certain way to compensate for the lack of diversity elsewhere.


    1. This is also a fight about who gets a decent job; white actors or Asians.

      ScarJo is hardly avenging the Hong Kong Chinese against Japan. “Ghost in the Shell” is hardly a white Jewish woman’s story.

      If Hollywood wants the Asian market, they had better respect Asians generally.


      1. “Asian” identity is largely an American construct. Asian people in Asia see themselves primarily as “Japanese”, “Chinese” etc., not Asian.

        The casting of SarJo is popular in Japan, it’s Americans who are complaining. Most Japanese don’t get what the fuss is about as they don’t expect a US film to feature a Japanese actress.


    2. ^ Ryan Lockney, “the end all, be all” supreme being and voice of the film industry, America, and Asians.

      1. Backpacking on the works of Asians and inserting a white dialogue is not excused for “diversity.” AKA whitewashing. There are frame by frame videos of the Anime and the upcoming live action film that blatantly indicates that they were just trying for an exact live action retelling. The visual imagery and cinematography was not re-imaged but a copy into live action.

      The studio was already met with harsh criticisms to the whitewashing of the movie and yet they chose to ignore it and use the excuse to diversify the film by Columbusing it. If you’re[director/studio] trying to stay true the original content, because obviously you don’t have any ability to make an original or else it would just be a different movie, then stay true the original content.

      2. The city that is set in the fictional Japanese metropolis of Niihama. Niihama is an actual city in Japan laid in a river delta, hence why parts of the city in both films are separated by water. I don’t know where Hong Kong came from. If you meant that they drew visual inspiration from the city of Hong Kong then that’s a different matter. They still wouldn’t speak any Chinese languages. You obviously have not watched the original animated movie. Why would anyone speak if they are not going to at least educate themselves by watching original film or reading the novel is a mystery of idiotism… Jk.

      3. You put yourself in a hard place by actively stating that Ghost in the Shell is a “token” minority film. Tokenism has been an epidemic in Hollywood for decades. If it’s token then why whitewash it at all? This act would be the reverse of “compensating the lack of diversity elsewhere.” It’s almost like the studio/film industry are taking and stealing the jobs that should go to Asians to insert whiteness to feel relevant. *GASP*


      ROFL!!! @ “’Asian’ identity is largely an American construct. Asian people in Asia see themselves primarily as ‘Japanese’, ‘Chinese’ etc., not Asian.”

      I’m just going to let that speak for itself. You are most likely racist and probably don’t understand Black Lives Matter too.

      Just because Japan doesn’t complain doesn’t mean they are for it. It’s a movie being made by an American studio which means they’d expect some white hoes to play in it. And, of course it’s America who is complaining about the whitewashing since America is supposed to represent a land of diversity. Why not feature a Japanese actress? There are plenty of Japanese-American and actors of Japanese decent that could take a role ORIGINALLY Japanese.

      I don’t know how your brain processes information but it’s definitely from the white perspective of ignorance and apathy. You should check it before you mentally break down in front of the social change that is impending as Asian-Americans speak up.

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  2. Boycotting and bypassing GITS. ScarJo is overexposed. She is trying to become an Angelina Jolie action type. I abhor the whitewashing but people will flock to see the movie, probably.


    1. I do feel bad she hasn’t gotten the Black Widow movie, fans have been asking Marvel for years now. DC pretty much has them beat in the diversity department but alas


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