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Kickstart This: ‘Radical: The Savior Faire of French Hip-Hop’

First, I’m hoping that all you NOCers (and your loved ones) are as safe and as healthy as you can be. We are in some strange and uncharted territories, but hopefully this little slice of community can keep us connected.

I am fully aware that many of us are in dire financial straits. Many of us have lost jobs, lost other sources of income — many of us may find ourselves in new and unfamiliar caretaking roles. #LifeInTheTimeOfCOVID19

With all this being said, I truly feel this project is worthy of support.

We are in a time of panic. And like in almost all times of panic, history and culture get lost or demolished. This project is attempting to preserve both.

Full disclosure: Miles Marshall Lewis is my big brother in letters. He’s written for most major publications, hip-hop and not. He has an eye and angle on culture that few possess. He’s also a massive Blerd.

I put what little I had behind this project. Maybe you can, too? If not, please share. As things become more accelerated and our public culture begins to shift, change, and fade, we are going to need to document what we can, to capture snapshots of our shared global history.

Peep the Kickstarter campaign here.

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Twitter: @RadicalTheDoc
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