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‘The Umbrella Academy’ is Back for One Final Season

All good things must come to an end. And with the joyous news that The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a fourth season, comes that sad news that this will be the final adventure for the Hargreeves children.

For me, The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things were my personal favorite programs on the streaming platform. And while we’ve had a moment to mourn for the conclusion of the Hawkins crew from Stranger Things with one more epic season to go, the news that The Umbrella Academy will be closing its doors for good is both a shock and a sad moment for Brellies everywhere. One has to wonder what’s next for the streaming platform, with two of its biggest series now ending?

Fortunately Umbrella Academy showrunner, who extended his relationship with Netflix, might have a few high profile projects up his sleeve to fill the void for the platform, including an adaptation of the blockbuster Playstation franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Still though, the advent of new content doesn’t diminish the sting that we’ll be sending off our time-traveling heroes off for a permanent retirement. And that’s maybe consistent with this past season’s cliffhanger, which saw the Hargreeves transported to an alternate dimension, ruled by their cruel adoptive father, Reginald, but sans powers. Let’s hope this last one concludes their story in a blaze of glory!

No word yet when the final season of The Umbrella Academy will debut. But it’s likely to be released in 2023.

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