Yeah… ‘The Flash’ is a Great ‘Batman’ Film

The Flash is nearly here, and I was joined by Swara on our YouTube channel to discuss our initial, spoiler-free thoughts on the film. Subscribe to the podcast at for the full spoiler-filled review when it drops on June 19!

Check out Swara’s review at But Why Tho for some more of his thoughts on the movie.

The Flash finally opens in theaters only on June 16!

4 thoughts on “Yeah… ‘The Flash’ is a Great ‘Batman’ Film

  1. Grant Gustin should have been offered the role on the flash movie. I don’t know where they found faggy male child molester Women abuser and kidnapper who lets babies put bullet’s in there mouth. Ezra Miller should still be in jail for all the stuff he has done. Anybody else would still be. I guess they let gays get away with everything. That’s not justice.

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