Jack Daniel’s Launches ‘Arts, Beats + Lyrics’ VR Experience Called ‘The Verse’

When you think of Jack Daniel’s whiskey… the first thing you don’t think about is hip hop. Yet, Brooklyn-based music group Phony Ppl and Jack Daniels want to change that perception by collaborating on an immersive virtual experience and concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop. 

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey’s urban art and Hip Hop program Art, Beats + Lyrics, a touring art and music program launched in 2004 by Cult Creative, are taking AB&L to the next level with The Verse — the brand’s first immersive virtual reality experience. The Afrofuturism-inspired world showcases the works of over 30 celebrated Black and diverse artists and creators while exploring the intersection of Hip Hop and innovation.

Featured artists include legendary photographer and cultural archivist Polo Silk, Atlanta-based Tanzanian-Nigerian visual artist Marryam Moma, and contemporary realist painter Tim Okamura. Fans can now access The Verse through any connected device (mobile, tablet, desktop or VR headset) through www.SeeTheVerse.com

“By honoring Hip Hop culture, The Verse serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art and music, instilling hope and inspiring positive change within the community and beyond. This virtual art gallery and music experience will showcase Jack Honey’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation while remaining true to our core values of upholding authenticity and passion,” said Keenan Harris, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Brand Director, in a press release. “As a leader in the spirits industry, Jack Daniel’s continues to pave the way for experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, delighting our consumers with unique and memorable moments.” 

Phony Ppl, who recently collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion on their latest album Euphonyus, will be the first artists to make their virtual concert debut, featuring the first use of marker-less motion capture A.I. technology. The quintet will transport visitors to the surface of the moon and be reimagined as larger-than-life characters as they perform in The Verse’s Honey Club.

“We are thrilled to present this revolutionary experience to our audience,” said Phony Ppl, who will embark on their international tour this October. “By fusing the worlds of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, music and technology, we are bringing an unparalleled platform for our fans to connect, celebrate and experience our first-ever virtual concert!”

Additional features of The Verse includes a virtual panel next month on Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary and its tech-led future organized by HipHopForChange, an homage to the birthplace of Hip Hop (1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx), a nightlife-inspired Honey Lounge for guests to network and socialize, and VR experiences to travel to outer space and zero-gravity tubes. 

Check it out now at www.SeeTheVerse.com.