The MCU Makes More Major Movie Moves

It’s no surprise that the strikes have more or less caused major motion picture studios to re-strategize and re-asses their release schedules for the coming year. And naturally, with a franchise as interwoven and high profile as the MCU, Marvel Studios is being forced to do the same. This week, news was officially announced that four huge films, Deadpool 3, Captain America: Brave New World, Blade, and Phase 5 capper Thunderbolts would all be affected by the strikes.

We’ll be updating the latest in our Marvel Studios tracker as well.

That being said, it was officially announced yesterday that major shifts were being done to the MCU’s previously announced schedule for the four aforementioned releases.

Deadpool 3, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, will be moving from its May 3, 2024 slot to July 26, 2024. This was the previous release date for Captain America: Brave New World.

However, rather than debuting later in the year, Captain America 4, starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America, will be pushed from 2024 entirely, and into February 14, 2025, just in time for the President’s Day weekend that year.

Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot, starring two-time Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali, was intended to be released on that date, but will now be moving to November 7, 2025.

And lastly, Thunderbolts, with an all star cast led by Florence Pugh and Sebastian Stan, will be moving from December 2024 to July 25, 2025. This means the original Phase 5 finale will now be the penultimate chapter in favor of everyone’s favorite daywalker.

Once more all of this will be reflected in the NOC Marvel Studios tracker. But as always, stay tuned for more news on all of these releases on The Nerds of Color!

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