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The Middle Geeks Episode 60: ‘Squire’ Through the Lens of Palestine with Nadia Shammas

As the genocide of Palestinians continues in Gaza, we welcome back on acclaimed Palestinian American comic and video games writer Nadia Shammas to discuss their seminal work, Squire, through the lens of Palestine.

We welcome back Palestinian American Harvey Award winning comic and video games writer, Nadia Shammas, to discuss their critically acclaimed graphic novel Squire, which takes place in an a SWANA/MENA fantasy setting, through the lens of Palestine in the midst of the IDF’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. We discuss Nadia’s upbringing in both Palestine and the US, how the current crisis has unpacked her and her family’s generational and personal traumas, and how she incorporated those experiences into Squire. Nadia gives her take on the current crisis, and we also discuss being a Palestinian writer in the superhero comics space, and how certain corporations may be missing the mark on what BIPOC audiences want from them. We also give our recommendations, and much more. Note that this discussion has some story spoilers for Squire.

Follow Nadia on Instagram @NadiaShammas and on Twitter @NadiaShammas_, and buy Squire, Where Black Stars Rise, and Confetti Realms, and buy the game Thirsty Suitors on whatever game system you own.

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