Hard NOC Life 277: DC’s Crisis of Infinite Corporate Mergers

Keith is still out, so Britney and Dominic are once again joined by Vanessa Shark and Brother Nate Milton to pick up the pieces of the fallout from Warner Bros. Discovery’s cancellation of Batgirl and the future of DC and HBO Max.

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Phil LaMarr to Play Green Lantern in ‘Superhero Diaries’ Webseries

For the last two Halloweens I was Mile Morales, and it was both immensely charming to see kids excitedly rush toward our house for a picture and painfully sweltering because of the horrid Miami weather plaguing my cosplay. Those days seem even further away when thinking about the current state of things and how the pandemic has transformed the ways we get to celebrate our favorite pop culture figures.

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NOC Exclusive Interview: Writer, Geoffrey Thorne on DC Comics’ Green Lantern!

Heyyy! It’s Kuya P back again with another NOC EXCLUSIVE! I recently sat down for a conversation with Screenwriter/Producer/Novelist/Actor, Geoffrey Thorne to discuss his latest comics work on DC Comics’ Green Lantern!

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape Geoffrey’s sight.

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10 DC Comics Superheroes Who Deserve a Vehicle

As more DC Comics projects are announced, it often leads to the question of who deserves his or her vehicle in the form of a movie, TV series, direct-to-dvd animated film, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, DC does in fact have a rich diverse variety of engaging characters. The (most frustrating) problem is that they refuse to properly utilize them. More than a few of said rich diverse superheroes have amassed mainstream crossover appeal. Yet, DC does not capitalize on these opportunities.

But that’s okay. Help has arrived. Help in the form of yours truly. The following is a list of 10 characters (among countless others) who need their own mainstream project like yesterday.

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Bernard Chang is Giving Away Original Green Lantern Corps Art

We are a couple months out from DC Comics’ soft reboot of their entire line up. One of the changes that will be coming this summer is that long time DC artist — and friend of the NOC — Bernard Chang will be shifting from Green Lantern Corps to art duties on Batman Beyond!

To celebrate the Green Lantern Corps fans and reward them for their loyalty for the last two years, Bernard will be giving away original interior art from his run on the book on Instagram!

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Dig This: Is Green Lantern Coming to Arrow?

Ever since he was introduced in the first season of Arrow, David Ramsey’s John Diggle has been a fan-favorite and a valuable member of the team. It’s also been pointed out several times that Diggle is the only member of Team Arrow that hasn’t donned a mask or embraced a superhero/vigilante persona. While this may dovetail with the character’s sensibilities, as the show increasingly embraces its comic roots, Diggle’s everyman schtick also kinda marginalizes the character — intentionally or not. Interestingly, all of that might soon change.

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Keeping an Eye on Arrow

Almost Human may never come back. Sleepy Hollow is on hiatus. Who knows when Book Three of The Legend of Korra will ever come out? So what’s good and NOC-worthy on TV right now? Well The CW is trying out this show called The 100 that resembles a Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies mashup (s/o Shawn Taylor for the references). It’s a hot mess, but I can see how it might catch on.

But if you’re a NOC and need something to watch between the time you put the kids to bed and when you got to put yourself to bed, I suggest you check out a different show on The CW. What am I talking about? It’s simple. Watch Arrow.

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