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ST:NOC Revealed – Day Five

Capt. Benjamin Sisko (Capt.) and Deep Space Nine
Capt. Benjamin Sisko (Capt.) and Deep Space 9

It’s Day 5 of ST:NOC and, at last, the full ST:NOC crew is revealed for your viewing pleasure! Joining the rest of our ST:NOC crew is Captain Benjamin Sisko in the captain’s chair! Also, our NOCs voted Star Trek‘s only space station locale — Deep Space Nine — as the franchise’s Best Starship.

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Captain: Captain Benjamin Sisko (DS9)
Runner-up: Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (TNG)

Like the First Officer category, the first round of voting for Best Captain resulted in a tie between Sisko and TNG’s Picard; perhaps because forcing a Trekkie to choose between Picard and Sisko is about the most cruel and soul-wrenching thing a person can do.

(This is what happened when J. Lamb was asked to fill out the NOC survey.)

Sisko eventually emerged victorious after eking out a narrow victory in our tie-breaking head-to-head. And why? Because Sisko is awesome. So awesome, in fact that all I’m going to do is link the following Sisko-inspired posts written for Star Trek Week.

Sisko was played by actor Avery Brooks, who is so awesome that he is the subject of the third part of “The Sisko Trilogy” due out later today.

Best Ship: Deep Space 9
Runner-up: Three-way tie between Enterprise 1701-D, Enterprise 1701-E and the Defiant

What is there to be said about Deep Space 9 that hasn’t already been said? One of the Alpha Quadrant’s most important locations, the station was built by Bajoran slave labor and occupied by the Cardassians under the name “Terok Nor” as the seat of power for their occupation of the Bajoran homeworld. However, it’s importance is due primarily to its location next to the Bajoran wormhole which was discovered by Starfleet days after the Cardassians abandoned the station, which provides nearly instantaneous access between the Alpha Quadrant — home to the Federation — and the Delta Quadrant, particularly during the Dominion War. Deep Space 9, which boasts a unique blueprint due among Federation stations due to its Cardassian origins, is characterized by its rich cultural history contrasted against its bleak aesthetic. In terms of the Star Trek canon, Deep Space 9 is also noteworthy due to being the set for the franchise’s only series set on a non-moving starship, and for also being the last real model built before the franchise moved to CGI effects.

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