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(Air)Bend it Like Gene Yang

Two-time National Book Award finalist Gene Luen Yang (@geneluenyang) joins Hard N.O.C. Life for a special episode discussing his career as an award-winning graphic novelist and his involvement in the Avatar/Korra comic universe.

Joining Keith (@the_real_chow) on the panel as well are The N.O.C.’s resident Avatar experts Julie Kang (@JulieKang) and Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria (@rscspokenword). As always, Hard N.O.C. Life is directed by the indomitable Nelson Wong (@aarisings).

We’re also announcing a special giveaway of Avatar comics from FCBD 2013. Gene has three copies to give away, and we’re going to help him!

If we can reach 550 Facebook likes by Monday, we’ll send a copy to a lucky — and random– FB fan! Same is true if we get 150 YouTube subscribers and 500 twitter followers by Monday as well. So if we meet these benchmarks, one random FB fan, one random twitter follower, and one random YouTube subscriber will each get an Avatar comic!

Topics covered on the show include:

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