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NOC Recaps The Legend of Korra: Sparky Sparky Boom… Woman?

Episode Four: “In Harm’s Way”

Kai has been kidnapped to be part of the Earth Queen’s new Air Bender Army. Mako and Bolin rediscovered family. The league of super evil benders is forming. Korra and Tenzin are trying to figure out where are all the air benders in Ba Sing Se.

Yeah, a lot happens in this episode.

We start “In Harms Way” deep within the Water Nation territory as Tonraq and Fire Lord Zuko know that evil super bender Zaheer who now is an airbender is on his way to free Pi’Li. An amazing battle ensues as Tonraq and company try to fight off Zaheer.

As Zaheer battles Tonraq, Minq-Hua humiliates the twins and rescues P’Li. Here is when we find out about her powers. Do you all remember Sparky Sparky Boom Man?

Well it looks like P’Li is related to him as Zuko’s Dragon attacks her and she easily takes down the majestic animal.

As Zaheer and company leave Water Nation, word is spread that the evil benders are out to get Korra. Back in Ba Sing Se, Mako and Bolin — after help from family — find their way back to Korra and company and inform them that the Dai Li has been taking all the airbenders and forcing them to be part of an elite army for the Earth Queen.

As Korra and company desperately look for the airbenders, Korra suggests that Jinora looks for Kai using her special teleporting spirit power since it seems there is a connection between the two (my favorite love story so far!)

After Jinora finds Kai and notifies Team Avatar that they are hiding under the Queen’s temple, an all out night time rescue mission is set to take place. Mako, Bolin, and Jinora rescue Kai but not without having to do some pretty amazing bending in order to get free.

In the midst of the escape, a Dai Li agent — they honestly function like the CIA — captures Jinora which leads to an “Oh No They Didn’t!” moment from Kai as he bends her free.

Team Avatar heads for the airship with the rescued airbenders but the Dai Li is not going to give up that easy as they launch a counter attack. Once prisoners, the airbenders see the opportunity to fight back against those who have held them prisoners and help Korra fight back and successfully escape.

After fleeing from Ba Sing Se, Tenzin and company make a stop and inform the airbenders that they are free but give them the choice to train as airbenders.

To Tenzin’s surprise many choose to train with him which makes Tenzin shed tears of joy. The rebuilding of the Air Nomads is set in motion.


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