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Monday Night Live-Tweet: Gotham and Sleepy Hollow

Monday nights are just full of nerdy goodness. First with Gotham and then Sleepy Hollow on FOX.  It’s been fun live-tweeting both episodes back-to-back. Here are some choice tweets for the second episodes of Gotham and Sleepy Hollow, “Selina Kyle” and “The Kindred,” respectively.

For more, check out the hashtags #Gotham and #YungGotham for the Batman prequel and #SleepyHeads and #SleepyHolla for everyone’s favorite

[Ed. note: We actually made that same observation about Mini-Michelle Pfeiffer back in May when the first trailer for the show was released.]

Sleepy Hollow is full of history, supernatural creatures and feels… oh, the feels! Here are some tweets from this week’s episode, “The Kindred.”

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