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Hello, Kitty!

by Lynn Chen | Originally posted at The Actor’s Diet

Now open at the Japanese American National Museum — the happiest exhibit on the planet.

My childhood!!!

Things I always wished I had…

…stuff for Abe too!

I love how she inspired others.

(can you spy Paul Frank?!)

Still not sure if she’s a cat or not.

I can tell you, however, that her birthday is November 1st (she’s a Scorpio!) and that she loves apple pie…

…but some things are better left unsaid.

The exhibit runs through April 26th.

Lynn Chen acts. Sings. Watches an obscene amount of movies and televisionNarrates books. Hosts a podcast. Makes random videos. Plays video games.  Oh, and sometimes actually cooks! Her blog, The Actor’s Diet, started in 2009 and has evolved from a daily food journal into what it is today — everything from LA restaurant reviews/places of interest, to travel and fashion and beauty tips – sprinkled in with random recipes, pictures of her dog, and life on set

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