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Aquaman Revealed: All Hail the King

Let me be as transparent as I can about my DC Cinematic Universe gripes.

Superman isn’t that interesting of a character. Peep the last two attempts. While it would be easy to hang the blame on Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder — these directors did not have too much to work with.

Superman Returns suffered from “I want to be Grant Morrison, but I’m not going to commit to it” syndrome. It was stifled weirdness.

Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel, while marginally better, was in no way aspirational. Superman is meant to be the best of us. He is supposed to be the Big Blue Boy Scout, not the mass murdering property damager.

As far as Zack Snyder helming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and parts one and two of the Justice League films in 2017 and 2019…I don’t know, man.

I actually enjoyed Dawn of the Dead (2004), but nothing else. The style over substance shtick gets old quickly. And has dude ever met a vibrant color he liked? Superheroes are our myths and there are very few superheroes more mythic than those of the DCU.

Myths are meant to be big and bold, not muted and dull. Can we get some kind of popping color? Can I look at the screen and be awed by the fact that my four-color books have come to glorious and colorful life?

Now, on to what I dig:


What an amazing redesign. Or composite design, depending on your Aquaman/Conan/Khal Drogo knowledge. This is the Aquaman that we deserve.

When it was first announced that Jason Momoa was going to be Aquaman, I engaged in several Facebook “discussions” about how ill it would be to reframe Aquaman through the lens of the mythology of Oceania. And it looks like they’re doing just that. From the tattoos of the shark’s teeth (which in many of the culture’s of Oceania, is a form of armor in and of itself), the brace that mirrors the tattoos pattern, and the sculpt of the pentdent (The Trident of Neptune) this is Aquaman, by way of the Pacific.

Momoa’s Aquaman benefits from Snyder’s color dial down sensibilities. This muted look suits the gritty royalty (I’m assuming) Snyder is going for. Most underwater fighters are stealth fighters, so this colorway is perfect for swimming up from the murky depths and clocking fools.

In the comics, Aquaman’s green Lululemon tights and his Liberace top were always so distracting and hard on the eyes.

Poor Arthur Curry was also saddled with the Olivia Newton John Xanadu Ocean Spray onesie that was just pure travesty.

I think I am one of the eight people who actually are fond of his gritty harpoon hand, Seven Seas Gladiator joint.

This is the first bit of casting and costume reveal that has generated in me a measure of excitement for the DCCU.

Let’s see if Snyder and company can deliver.

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