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10 Black Cosplayers You Should be Following on Social Media!

Originally posted on The Anime Complexium

If you were to google “cosplay” or “cosplayer,” you will see a lot of great costumes and beautiful cosplayers, but maybe one or two that are Black. In addition, you will have a hard time finding a list featuring black cosplayers as well. Not saying these lists aren’t out there (it’s possible I missed something on the search), but I searched through pages and pages of the search term and came up fairly empty.

Before you even think about this being some type of division because the word “Black” is in the title, let me stop you right there. Cosplay isn’t about race, it’s about being yourself and having fun. On this very site I have interview all types of cosplayers. Unfortunately, media dictates what is “popular” or aesthetically acceptable. So let go of any pre-conceived notions that this is about division, it is not. This is about celebration. This isn’t a list of who is at the top or the best. This is about highlighting some of the great artists that have been making waves in the cosplay community. Trust, this is the first of many lists highlighting cosplayers of color.

Links to their Facebook/Twitter pages are highlighted in red… And now, on to the list!

1. Maki Roll

Cosplay comes naturally to cosplay artist Maki Roll. The D.C. native has been in this business a long time. She has the skill, experience, and creates some of the best costumes which have elevated her to a major player in the cosplay community.

2. Kiss A Frog Cosplay

If you don’t know Kiss a Frog Cosplay, you will. She was featured on the website. She is confident and puts forth the image that everyone is worthy to sit at the cosplay table.

3. Princess Mentality Cosplay

©HellorHighWater Photography

Chaka Cumberbatch is an inspiration so for many cosplayers. She created the #28daysofblackcosplay hashtag which has inspired black cosplayers to take pride in their work. The Arkansas native has been a cosplayer for close to 10 years. She has pushed herself physically, mentally, and gained a copious amount of opportunities.

4. Roxxy Haze

(c) Roxxy Haze

Roxxy Haze has been involved in cosplay for three solid years but decided to start taking cosplay seriously a year ago. Some of her cosplays include Misty (Pokemon), Goku and Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Captain America, among others.

5. Bishop Cosplay

© Samuel A. Famoyegun/ Andrew Chin

Bishop Cosplay is a man of many hats. He is a photographer, journalist, podcaster, and creator of the nerd website He has one of the most memorable Superman cosplays ever seen and has been cosplaying since 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down.

6. Commando Queens

©Red Owl Photo

AngelWingsAyane and Komadina are the commando cosplay duo from Chicago that is tearing up the cosplay scene. With the quality of their cosplay costumes, you wouldn’t think they have only been doing this for only two years. Their cosplay favorites include characters from Mortal Kombat, League of Nations, and Super Smash Bros.

7. Tony Ray

© Ron Gejon Photography

Tony Ray: activist, cosplayer, model. The New York native has a knack for cosplay. His Static Shock cosplay is one of the best around.

8. Brichibi Cosplays

© Brichibi Cosplay

Brichibi Cosplay is a traveler. According to her cosplay page, she is traveling to eight different conventions this year. There are no boundaries as she accepts cosplayers no matter race, gender, or size.

9. Chocolate Covered Cosplay

© Chocolate Covered Cosplay

Chocolate Covered Cosplay is a group of five young women. They have been a cosplay group for a long time. They make it their mission to share their cosplay advice and highlight diversity within the cosplay community. They challenge the status quo with their diverse array of beautifully made cosplays.

10. T-Stunning Spidey

©T-Stunning Spidey

T-Stunning Spidey has dedicated his cosplay career to the various looks of Spider-Man. This east coast b-boy, climbs, jumps, flips, and spins, giving his Spider-Man cosplay that familiar look and feel fans are used too.

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