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A Review of Black Power

Black Power: The Superhero Anthology recently received a most awesome review. It seemed only right to share it (and my reactions reading it via .gif form) for #FreeComicBookDay.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology. I am avid comic book reader for 30+ years and this book took me back to simpler times. Being a person of Color I don’t often see myself reflected positively in works of fiction. It was refreshing to see black women and men in heroic roles.

Like any anthology there some stories that don’t quite grab you, but are entertaining. Then there are the gems that make you wish they had full length novel. Django Unplugged: A T.A.S.K. Story by Hannibal Tabu, had me salivating for the upcoming T.A.S.K. Comic book and animated project. The action was quickly paced and Django is hero that I would love to read more of in the future. The T.A.S.K. concept is truly a fully realized world where actions have consequences. The ending left me satisfied as it dealt with the aftermath of the events in the story.

Milton DavisGhost was nice page turner as well. I felt like this could make a great series and really an awesome TV show as well. Action and intrigue. When I read the last word of the story, I was disappointed because I was wanting more. Ghost would definitely do well as a NETFLIX series.

Heroes Again by Balogun Ojetade was fun and had the #blackstastic excitement I have come to expect from brother Ojetade. Fleshed out realistic characters with engaging dialogue and, again, another world that feels so familiar and plausible.

Where Monsters Roam by Dennis R. Upkins, was a quick read with a nice little message to boot. I follow Mr. Upkins on Facebook so was not surprised by his brilliance. Prejudice can have a price to pay is all I can say.

But my favorite of all was Shadowboxer: Neutral Corners by Author Heru. It’s a street level hero story, which I always have loved. Low powered vigilantes, striking back at the criminal underworld plaguing the community have always been a favorite. Think Daredevil without the Catholic angst. Shadowboxer captures that gritty feel of a good crime noir. Brother has me wanting to go to my local comic bookstore and request a reserve for every issue.

There are other stories that captured me and really it would difficult to point out a weak story in the anthology. I highly recommend this book. Order it TODAY!

–Sean Howard McIntosh


Black Power: The Superhero Anthology is available now. So yeah, grab a copy. Much like Sean, you’ll be glad you did.

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