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Southern Fried Asian: Gina Ortiz Jones

This week on Southern Fried Asian, Keith speaks with Gina Ortiz Jones, a candidate for Congress representing the 23rd District of Texas. And if you happen to live in Texas, early voting for the primary elections has already begun. So get out and vote!

Gina talks about raised Filipina American in San Antonio and the cultural similarities between the city’s Filipino and Latino communities (3:30). They also talk about having progressive ideals in a red state (7:40) and why all politics are “identity politics” (11:00). She then shares her mother’s immigrant story (12:20) and why she left the Trump Administration to run for office (14:20) with the potential to be the first openly gay Asian American woman to represent Texas in congress (25:00). Finally, she shares her affinity for San Antonio’s breakfast tacos and why they’re so hard to get right outside of Texas (29:00).

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