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Southern Fried Asian: Joshua Luna

On an all new episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith sits down with comic book artist, Joshua Luna.

Josh and Keith talk about growing up in Virginia and what led Josh to creating comics about Asian American identity go viral on Twitter (2:00). They also discuss the South’s hidden Asian American histories (4:30) and the origins of so many Asian American men’s toxic masculinity (11:00). Josh then talks about creating the acclaimed Image Comics series UltraGirls, and The Sword with his brother Jonathan and dealing with Hollywood studios (15:00). Later, they try to break down the complexities of assimilation (25:00) and redefining what it means to be American through media representation (34:00) before ending on Josh’s Fourth of July tradition of slow cooking pork shoulder (41:00)

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Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu.

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