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‘Dune’ Trailer: Denis Villeneuve Is Showing Us Something Legendary

The internet world is already losing its collective mind over the premiere of Dune‘s trailer online. Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic is going to be something legendary for cinemas and fans alike.

Some 12 years in the making, the trailer showcases what fans of the the epic have been desperately waiting for. The glint of sand dunes, a beast that emerges from the earth that rivals the presence of Xol from Destiny 2, an intergalactic drama like we’ve not seen in some time and of course, Zendaya and Timothée.

The film has been a long time coming — from multiple announcements to an enormous budget to uncertainties about completing post-production work by the end of the year, Dune has been a blessing in a year full of disappointments and heartache.

The rockstar cast prepares us for a drama appropriate for the big screen, from Josh Brolin (Deadpool 2) to Oscar Isaac (Star Wars Episodes VII-IX), and Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) to Jason Momoa (Aquaman), the talent is on full display as the pitfalls of the Atriedes set the tone for the journey.

Despite the mounting anticipation, experts speculate Dune might very well see a delay in hitting theaters as COVID-19 continues to hammer the box office. If 2020 can let something good happen, please let it be Dune.