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NOC Exclusive Interview: Comics Creator, Jerry Ma

Heyyy! It’s Kuya P back again with another NOC EXCLUSIVE! I recently sat down for a conversation with my pal, Comics Creator, Jerry Ma! No stranger to the NOC, Jerry is dropping a brand new comics project today for Asian American Pacific Heritage Month called, The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey! Find out all about it and how you can show support for this amazing project!

Taiwanese American creator Jerry Ma (Epic Proportions, VIBE Hong Kong) is supporting AAPI Heritage Month and #STOPASIANHATE this May by bringing one of Chinese literature’s most enduring characters, the Monkey King to modern day New York in The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey which just launched on Kickstarter. 

Ma adds back in March, “I had donated just under $2500 with proceeds from my online sales in two weeks, to the GofundMe/AAPI to help combat the rising anti-Asian sentiment. As amazing as that was, it felt a bit hollow as I wasn’t able to actually see any help being done. After talking with the amazing group of people helping me with this campaign, Geof Darrow, Allan Dorison, Jim Cheung, David Soto and Lisa Y. Wu, through our Stretch Goals, we’ll be donating money to small businesses in Chinatown New York. I’ll quite literally be walking into small businesses and handing over $250 in cash to X amount based off of the success of this Kickstarter campaign to small businesses myself. I know it isn’t much, but at least this way, I know these businesses will be receiving the money directly from me. My family has a small business ourselves, an art store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan called Janoffs. So, I know all the hurdles these businesses are facing. I only hope that this will be the beginning of others doing the same.”

Fellow creator and contributor Jim Cheung (Spawn, Justice League, Young Avengers),  says “Monkey King has always been a childhood favorite of mine from watching the classic 1960s cartoon to the TV show from the ’70s. I loved the mythology, and have enjoyed seeing how it’s evolved and transformed through the years in various adaptations. When I learned that Jerry was putting his own spin on it, I was excited to see where he was going to take the character. I didn’t expect the new odyssey would start in present day New York Chinatown though, and that food and fashion would be featured in the storyline, but given Jerry’s penchant for both, how could it be otherwise?! When he asked if I wanted to contribute a cover, it was an easy decision. Getting to work with a friend, and help launch Jerry Ma’s The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey adventure was a pleasure and honor!”

Geoff Darrow (Shaolin Cowboy, The Matrix) agreed,” Jerry Ma asked and I have deep respect for him and I also love The Monkey King.” He added that “ The Monkey King, in the Journey to the West is , in my opinion, the first great superhero.”

Readers will also get the opportunity to own this title for only $20 during this Kickstarter which ends on Friday, June 4. Along with the book, readers will be able to back these money saving rewards and help unlock stretch goals that will help increase the amount given to local New York City Chinatown small businesses:

Once a backer, Jerry and his friends will need your help in getting the word out to unlock stretch goals that will influence generations to come.

So, there is no time to delay. This all-ages book will help people get back to their roots and give back. 



BIO: Jerry Ma is a New York based Taiwanese American graphic artist. Known for his work as a graphic tee creator, Jerry is most proud of his work as one of the founders of the ground breaking graphic novel series, Secret Identities, and remains involved in the Asian American community through his work.

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