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‘SurrealEstate’ is Coming to SYFY and We Finally Have a Trailer

SYFY has released the official trailer and premiere date for their new series starring Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy. This isn’t the first time the duo has shared the screen together, both part of the beloved hit series, Schitt’s Creek. Rozon shared the trailer and tweeted, “CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE THIS.” Levy also expressed her excitement, writing, “We are READY.”

SurrealEstate follows realtor Luke Roman and an elite team of specialists that handle the cases no one else can: haunted and possessed houses that literally scare would-be buyers away. Researching, investigating, and “fixing” the things that go bump in the night, the team works to create closure – and closings — even as they struggle with demons of their own.

Watch the trailer below:

SurrealEstate premieres July 16 at 10 PM EST.

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