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You’re Welcome: Official Look at Jordan Fisher’s Impulse on ‘The Flash’

The CW just released its first official look at Jordan Fisher as the future speedster Bart Allen, aka Impulse.

Kate Main, the costume designer for The Flash, designed the comics-accurate suit alongside a local Vancouver company, Ocean Drive, that has built many of the Arrowverse suits. Speaking of the comics, the official reveal has Fisher striking a pose very similar to the iconic Howard Porter splash page from The Flash #50 when Impulse made his triumphant return to DC Comics continuity.

This marks the first live action appearance of Bart Allen since Kyle Gallner played him on Smallville, also on The CW. This time, Bart will be the son of Barry and Iris — though he’s usually depicted as the West-Allen’s grandson in the comics.

Here’s the official synopsis for the special 150th episode of The Flash entitled “Heart of the Matter, Part 1.”

The future son of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), Bart is the fastest teenager on the planet! But due to Bart’s penchant for wildly impulsive behavior, stunned parents Barry and Iris will have their hands full trying to teach their new son patience. But it’s a task they’ll have to accomplish, in order for their family to work together and stop Team Flash’s biggest threat yet. Bart Allen/Impulse will team up with his sister, Nora/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy), as well as his parents in the 150th episode of The Flash.

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