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New Images and Release Date for Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’ Season 2

Thanks to Netflix Geeked this week, a ton of new news regarding some of your favorite genre shows dropped all over. Caught in the mix of it all was the announcement about when the new season of Locke & Key was dropping.

Get ready, fans, because Season 2 is coming this October!

In addition to the news, Netflix also released seven new images from the upcoming season. Take a look at the images in the gallery here:

Based on the beloved IDW comic series of the same name, Locke & Key finds the Locke family moving to an old family house in New England following a family tragedy. As they settle in they begin to discover a set of magic keys with unique abilities. However with the discovery of the keys comes the rise of a new demonic enemy with ties to the family. So the Lockes have to band together to save the world and each other from their foe.

The series is and has always been fantastic, and the show is a pretty good adaptation of the source material. Here’s hoping for more dark fun and adventure when Locke & Key Season 2 hits Netflix in October!

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