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‘Mundaun’ is a Haunting First-Person Horror Game with a Dark Story

The first-person, single-player horror game Mundaun is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. It’s a hand-drawn tale of a grandson returning to his hometown for his grandfather’s funeral but upon arriving makes a grisly discovery.

Mundaun is strange and odd, making players feel immensely uncomfortable through imagery and sounds (the soundtrack is incredible). It’s an immersive experience for horror game fans looking for something with a dark and engaging story and unsettling atmosphere.

The vibes of Mundaun are a combination of an Ari Aster film and several scenes out of Donnie Darko, with the strange sensation that someone or something sinister has its eyes on you throughout the game. The mechanics of Mundaun include solving obscure puzzles and searching for key items to unlock doors, gates, and seemingly abandoned homes.

We reviewed Mundaun for the Nintendo Switch and found it to be as unsettling as it was advertised as, and we genuinely recommend giving it a play-through if you’re seeking something eerie and wholly immersive. Catch our review below!

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