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DevTalks: Deana Galbraith and Barbara Sotolongo of Captilight Games Studio

The Nerds of Color loves us some indie games and our latest DevTalk is with a studio that looks to capture Japanese culture in organic and mesmerizing ways. Path of Kami by Captilight Games Studio is a heartwarming story about family, mortality, and culture. In it, you play as the spirit of a wolf, Kazeyo, who has passed away and sets off on an adventure to navigate trials of the Mortal World.

Currently, the game features a prologue that highlights a portion of Kazeyo’s journey through the Mortal realm and an introduction to the Path of Kami world. We had the chance to sit down with Captilight Games Studio founder and creative director Deana Galbraith and 3D environment artist Barbara Sotolongo.


The folks at Captilight Games Studio have been hard at work promoting their thought-provoking indie game title, with an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign currently underway that’s looking for support from gamers and fans across the globe. Captilight is a diverse, inclusive game studio that creates story-driven games and their team has steadily provided updates on Path of Kami that highlight the work behind the game’s narrative, 3D environment, and music.

By developing creative, thought-provoking and emotionally driven stories in their games, the studio aims to captivate a broader audience of like-minded players who can gain a new perspective, support each other, and aspire to live a passion-filled life.


We had the pleasure of speaking to Deana and Barbara, two of the members of the independent studio out of Orlando, FL, about their approach to Path of Kami, their development process, and of course their hopes for the game. You can find our full conversation below!

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