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Thoughts and Reactions to Watching ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ For the First Time

Two years ago, in the midst of the Keanussance, I took the red pill and didn’t look back when I watched The Matrix for the first time. It was an intense yet awesome first showing and it has since come to be one of my favorite films.

With The Matrix Resurrections coming out this December, I felt that it was time to dive even deeper down this rabbit hole and check out the second and third films of the franchise. While I’m well aware of the divisive perspective they generally have (which is why I haven’t gotten to watching them right away), I still wanted to take a chance and experience them for myself anyway.

For The Matrix Reloaded, I went into it much like how I did with its predecessor. I didn’t watch the trailer or look up the synopsis in advance. I know that Aaliyah was originally filming for a character named Zee before the role was recast after she died, and that the actress who played the Oracle, Gloria Foster, also died before production had wrapped. Otherwise, my impression of this film was all a mere blank slate prior to hitting “play.”

In chronological order, these are my thoughts and reactions to different scenes and moments from The Matrix Reloaded:

The Matrix Reloaded had my brain fried by the end. There was just so much going on, you really have to take time afterwards to let it all soak in. I can already see how the Wachowskis were really leaning towards wanting to use the new effects and technology to up the ante on this one, and I think that’s probably why I don’t feel as strong of an emotional attachment to this film compared to its predecessor. The story didn’t feel as well developed by comparison.

In that regard, I think it’s a good film to watch if you want to see something for the sake of its action scenes. Otherwise, with the exception of a few scenes, there wasn’t as much to philosophically gain from this one.

I’m wondering now how The Matrix Revolutions will compare. I aim to find out soon enough.

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