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DevTalks: Solo Developer Stephen Ddungu Talks Amazing New ‘Sword of Symphony’

Stephen Ddungu recently took social media by storm for the work he showcased from his newest, independently developed JRPG video game called Sword of Symphony. Music is at the heart of Stephen’s personal journey but also the incredible indie project that first had thousands talking on TikTok.

The project is part of a larger gaming universe Stephen says started at university and has since blossomed into a jaw-dropping display of craftsmanship and passion. The Nerds of Color caught up with him to discuss Sword of Symphony, as well as the journey to getting his game off the ground.
Early footage of Sword of Symphony (Credit: Stephen Ddungu)

Stephen’s gaming passions started before university, during a time when he looked up countless YouTube tutorials on the various applications to bring his ideas to life. While his passion project showcases exceptional attention to detail, Stephen wants to bridge both music and JRPG elements with Sword of Symphony.

It was no small feat navigating the transition from a music background to a video game one, as he had to teach himself nearly every new skill, and he often credits the many JRPG’s out now that meld various genres, for their inspiration.
Newer footage of Sword of Symphony (Credit: Stephen Ddungu)

Since sharing his work on social media, the overwhelmingly positive reception solidified for Stephen that combining his skills through this medium were meant to be. We had the opportunity to catch up with the solo developer currently basking in the well-deserved praise. Sword of Symphony continues to demand nearly all of Stephen’s attention but if his previous projects give any indication, we’re far from seeing the last of this iconic creator.

You can find our conversation in full below and be sure to follow Sword of Symphony on social media!
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