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Natalie Malaika and Keenan Tracey of SYFY’s ‘Day of the Dead’

On October 15, SYFY will be resurrecting the spirit of George A. Romero! Day of the Dead, the new series, inspired by the classic third part of the Night of the Living Dead trilogy, will be invading your living rooms as part of SYFY Halloween! And if Romero were alive today, I can honestly say he’d be absolutely proud!

This is a zombie show that gets down and dirty with the blood, guts, gore, and camp! It tonally and stylistically captures the look and feel of the classic Dead films. And we were lucky enough to sit down with two of the leads of the upcoming series, the lovely and talented Natalie Malaika and Keenan Tracey who play Lauren and Cam on the show. We spoke to Natalie and Keenan about their love for zombie films, allegories about humanity, and which one of them would be best equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse!

This was a really fun interview for a really fun show! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed really talking about zombies with anyone else!

Definitely check out Natalie and Keenan in action when Day of the Dead hits SYFY on October 15!

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