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Izaac Wang’s Mom Was Excited to Meet Russell Wong on ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’

Actor Izaac Wang reminds us that he wasn’t even born when actor Russell Wong first appeared in Joy Luck Club and Romeo Must Die. But, Wang knew of the Wong’s work and became a fan through his mother.

Based on the Scholastic children stories by Norman Bridwell, Wang plays Owen Yu, the best friend of the Emily Elizabeth Howard (Darby Camp), in the new live-action film Clifford The Big Red Dog. Owen helps Emily with her handling of Clifford as the red puppy grows into a giant one.

Wang didn’t get to just work with Wong (Mr. Yu), but he got to play the iconic actor’s son. In the film, Mr. Yu is a doting father to his young, ambitious son and teases him for his crush on Emily Elizabeth.

“He was a really fun actor,” says Wang during an interview with The Nerds of Color. “He was really, really smart. He was really controlled when it came to acting. I learned a lot from him and he didn’t even need to tell me to do things. I was like, wow. I never knew you could do that.”

Wang wasn’t the only one who liked spending time with Wong. Wang’s mother is also a huge fan of the handsome actor.

“My mom is kind of a big fan of Russell Wong,” Wang tells us. “It’s like an adult idol for my mom. It was fun working alongside him. My mom definitely had a good tine with him. Not in that way! I mean — hanging out! A good time hanging out with him.”

We get it, Izaac’s mom. We get it.

Clifford The Big Red Dog opens in theaters on November 10.

Check out the full interview below:

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