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FOX’s ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Teases What a Mother is Willing to Do For Her Child

What are you willing to do for your child? If you had a chance to save your child’s life, how far would you go? That’s the question in the the new FOX midseason drama, The Cleaning Lady, coming this January.

Based on the Argentinian series La Chica Que Limpia, The Cleaning Lady, Elodie Yung stars as the title character who was a doctor in Cambodia, but moves to the U.S. for her son’s medical treatment. Due to the strict medical laws in the U.S., the character’s medical license is not accepted and must work as a cleaning lady to make ends meet. After witnessing a murder by a powerful mafia, she is offered money to serve as their “cleaner.”

In the new FOX teaser for the series, Adan Canto’s character tells her, “You and I are in a country that is not our own. I can help you. When it comes to keeping your son alive, it’s not about doing things the right way or the wrong way. Any way you can.” We then see the character goes through many emotions and scenes dealing with the mafia, the FBI, and her sick son. It’s hard to not sympathize with the character as she is struggling to save her son.

The Cleaning Lady is also the first drama series to feature a Cambodian character as the lead. This would also mark the first time for Yung, who is French Cambodian, to play someone from her own background.

The series also stars Oliver Hudson, Martha Millan, Valentino LaSalle, and Sebastien LaSalle. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and FOX Entertainment. Executive producers include pilot writer Miranda Kwok, showrunner Melissa Carter, Shay Mitchell, David Dean Portelli, Rose Marie Vega, and Paola Suarez. Michael Offer directs and executive produced the pilot episode.

The Cleaning Lady is set to premiere in January 2022 on FOX

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