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Nicole Kang on Stepping into the Role of Poison Ivy in ‘Batwoman’

Batwoman fans were shocked, yet excited, when the beloved Mary Hamilton, heart of the Bat-team, found herself transformed into the newest version of Poison Ivy. Before the season hiatus, Mary went Thelma and Louise with her step-sister Alice to evade the rest of the Bat-Team, but now as the season has returned, she’s stepping back into Gotham with bolder intentions to assert her power and never feel vulnerable again.

Will the Bat-Team be able to save her, or is Mary lost forever to the Plant Side?

Slight setup spoilers for Batwoman Season 3 follow below:

We at The Nerds of Color were fortunate enough to speak with Nicole Kang who plays Mary. In our interview, she informs us about the dynamic of the Batwoman set, what playing Mary means for her and Asian representation in superhero stories, and whether there’s hope for Mary to return to her friends and family.

Batwoman Season 3 episode 8, “Trust Destiny,” is now streaming on The CW.

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