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Kate Mulgrew on Returning as Vice Admiral Janeway on ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

It was a landmark moment for the Star Trek franchise when Kate Mulgrew, Captain Kathryn Janeway herself, returned to voice a version of her character in the thrilling Paramount+ Nickelodeon animated series Star Trek Prodigy. The twist was that she would be playing an AI version of the character, one who guides the next generation in the ways of Starfleet.

While fans already loved AI Janeway, they were even more thrilled when Vice Admiral Janeway returned in the midseason finale back in February. Now, with Prodigy returning October 27, Kate Mulgrew will be voicing both roles in the series going forward.

We were exceedingly fortunate to speak with Kate Mulgrew herself this past weekend. In our conversation, we discussed the experience of coming back to Star Trek, what the franchise means to her, and what fans can expect more from both Janeways in Prodigy.

You can watch Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+, with new episodes coming out October 27.

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