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The ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Have Launched a Plumbing Site

You read that correctly! With Illumination/Nintendo’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie coming out in a few short months, the marketing machine has gone into high gear for the highly anticipated adaptation of the classic characters. And part of the fun is a viral site where you can check out Mario and Luigi’s Plumbing Services for yourself!

By going to, you’ll be able to check out a nifty ad (with a familiar jingle for you ’80s-’90s kids who grew up watching the animated series), and a whole bunch of interactive features. Plus, if you call the number to book the famous Brooklyn bros, you may hear a familiar voice taking your call! Texting the number also allows you to receive updates from Mario and Luigi, linking you to some really cool downloadables and updates.

You can check out the site and the ad by clicking the image above, or check out the ad by itself here:

Additionally, Universal and Illumination/Nintendo have released a series of character posters for the upcoming movie.

And all of this is looking more and more incredible as we get closer to release!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters April 7!

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