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Indira Varma and Tahar Rahim on their Roles in the New Apple TV+ Series, ‘Extrapolations’

We interview Indira Varma and Tahar Rahim of the new Apple TV+ series, Extrapolations, which explores the global near future effects of climate change.

Just take a look at any global weather report and you’ll realize that we’re already in a global climate catastrophe. With Black and brown countries globally predominantly feeling the effects of the crisis they had barely any part in contributing to, it’s become all the more pressing to cut out fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy. The new Apple TV+ series, Extrapolations, envisions a near future where humanity is still far from fixing these issues, and bears even more severe consequences.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Indira Varma and Tahar Rahim, who star as Gita Mishra and Ezra Haddad respectively, on what they and the rest of the cast and creative team sought to convey with the series, which climate champions today they look to for inspiration, and much more.

The first three episodes of Extrapolations are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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