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‘Citadel’ Star Priyanka Chopra Jonas on What the Role of Nadia Means to Her

Priyanka Chopra Jonas portrays Nadia Sinh in the highly anticipated action-spy thriller, Citadel, which is the debut of a landmark global franchise. The first two episodes are now streaming on Prime Video and new episodes will premiere weekly. 

Citadel and its subsequent series traverse the globe with interconnected stories. Each is locally created, produced, and filmed in-region, and stars top talent, forming a distinct global franchise. 

Courtesy of Prime Video

“You know what was cool about it, honestly, was it was conceptualized like that and as a woman of color and as someone who’s a woman, I’ve had to really fight my whole career to protect my characters and to give them agency in their decisions in stories. I’ve spoken to writers and directors and been like, ‘Why is she doing that though? Cause the guy has to go save someone at the end? Oh, okay, got it.’ But with Citadel, it was Jennifer Salke’s brainchild and she went to the Russo Brothers and told them she wanted to create a truly global show that gives an opportunity to artists from around the world, especially like India and Italy,” Priyanka tells me. “We have two other installments of the show, which is directed by, written by, acted in by regional local talent and are all connected to our version, the American version of the show as well. I just think that that was such a cool idea and then you add the Russo Brothers in, two guys, who came up with the fact that they wanted a female James Bond-esque spy to be at the lead of this.”

She continued to express, “23 years I’ve been doing this now and I feel so proud that we’ve reached a point where my generation of female actors and the ones that came before us have pushed the envelope so far that hopefully the next generation of actors don’t have to think about being cast in lead roles with kick ass parts or don’t have to fight for it, especially in genres which are so male dominated, like you said in the spy verse. So it makes me very, very proud.”

Courtesy of Prime Video

I had the privilege of speaking with the actress about being a strong female lead in such a male dominated genre and what she enjoyed most about bringing this character to life.

Watch my interview below:

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