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‘Haunted Mansion’ Director Justin Simien Takes Us on a Ride to the Other Side

(L-R): Owen Wilson as Father Kent and Director Justin Simien on the set of Disney's live-action HAUNTED MANSION. Photo by Chuck Zlotnik. © 2023 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome Foolish Mortals! It’s time to hitch a ride to the other side with the release of Disney’s Haunted Mansion coming on July 28! And to celebrate the transformation of this iconic attraction into a brand new horror family comedy, we managed to speak with the film’s director Justin Simien about what it truly means to be a Nerd of Color, and what his thoughts are on ghosts and the afterlife!

Simien is best known for his work on the iconic feature-turned-Netflix series Dear White People. But here he’s stepping out of his comfort zone to put together a special effects blockbuster extravaganza with some of the finest and funniest actors working today, with the second adaptation of the popular Disney attraction, Haunted Mansion. And as expected, he approaches the spooky material with love, style, and a bit of humor.

We had a chance to chat with Simien about everything from previous attempts at bringing the attraction to life on the screen, X-Men action figures, and what mysteries lie beyond the grave! Take a look at what he had to say about the film here!

And don’t forget to catch Haunted Mansion only in theaters, July 28!

*This article was written during the WGA and SAG/AFTRA strike. To support the strike, please donate to the Entertainment Community Fund.*

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