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‘The Marvels’ Take Flight at Avengers Campus

The Marvels is the first time Marvel Studios has delivered a female-led ensemble, with two of the film’s leads being POC. And now, just as Avengers Campus has done with nearly all MCU feature films that have been released in the past, they are welcoming Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Captain Monica Rambeau at Disney California Adventure.

For a limited time, park guests can find out which powers suits them best and simulate the same powers as the Marvels at Avengers Campus. They can use the Cosmic Entanglement Disney PhotoPass Lens, available with the purchase of Disney Genie+ service, just how much they shine and if their light-based powers will be enough to defeat some of the villains. Hopefully, the flash of light guests give off doesn’t ruin the photos. These powers may just come in handy if you run into a Flerkitten! These extra-terrestrials may look like our domesticated cats, but they have a surprisingly large… appetite. Recruits can now head to the entrance of Avengers Campus to capture a Magic Shot with these cute creatures!

Over at Disneyland Paris, guests can enjoy a new addition to the “Avengers: Power the Night” drone show, which sees the Marvels emblems make their debut. This was all made possible through Disneyland Paris’ Official Technology Supplier Dronisos – a pioneering drone entertainment company specializing in the creation of indoor and outdoor drone shows. With state-of-the-art projections, pyrotechnics and up to 500 drones, “Avengers: Power the Night” is a high-tech Avengers spectacular never seen before in any Disney Park. 

You can also train with Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan at their Avengers Campus. Hopefully, Kamala isn’t the one always raising her hand if Carol asks for any volunteers. And you will be able to use what you learned to help Iron Man save the world in the thrilling Avengers Assemble: Flight Force.

And after a long day of defending the multiverse, “Fly” over to Skyline Bar at Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel to recharge with limited-edition cocktails inspired by the super powers and cosmic mix-up from the film. They’re called Photon Blast and Cosmic Entanglement – did we mention they’re delicious?

At Hong Kong Disneyland, guests have the opportunity to meet Kamala Khan, who has recently started visiting the resort for the first time at the Tomorrowland Stage. From now until November 19, guests will also have a chance to meet Kamala together with one of the universe’s most powerful Super Heroes – a.k.a. Carol Danvers – in Tomorrowland.

Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland can join the Avengers at Pepsi E-Stage in Tomorrowland. As the Avengers’ newest recruits, they will have the chance to train with their Carol and other favorite heroes and see if they’re fit to become the next generation of Avengers agents. 

Finally, if you and your family find yourselves on the high seas on Disney’s Wish cruise, join your favorite heroes at the Worlds of Marvel restaurant aboard the Disney Wish “Avengers: Quantum Encounter” dining experience. Throughout dinner, guests take part in a hands-on demonstration of the latest and greatest Pym Tech, hosted by Ant-Man and The Wasp. But this tech is so advanced that it attracts a very unwelcome visitor to the Disney Wish: Ultron. Captain America and Carol Danvers arrive just in time to take on an army of Ultron’s sentries in an Avengers-level battle on the upper decks of the ship. With them is hero-in-training Kamala Khan, who puts her cosmic powers to the test alongside some of her favorite Avengers… while totally fangirling the whole time.

Exclusive merchandise includes a limited edition pin, The Marvels Denim Jacket for Women with silhouettes of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Captain Monica Rambeau printed on the back, and a patch of their respective emblems printed on the front.

Good kitty, or ferocious little Flerken that can swallow giant things whole? Now, you can own your very own Goose, Carol’s adorably furry and powerful pal. This plush can perch on your shoulder with its magnetic pad, and unlike the real Goose, this plush won’t try to eat your whole house!

Head on over to the official Disney’s Parks blog for full details.

Be sure to check out The Marvels in theaters now. Then, please read our reviews written by Mike and Laura.

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