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The Cosgala: From Venice to Maryland

Here are some words about the upcoming CosGala from YouTuber and founder of Gamer’s Guide, Jemarc Axinto:

When you think about the nerdy and geeky community as a whole what comes to mind? Perhaps large gatherings of assorted cosplayers, fans, and eager shoppers at a convention, piled together, sweaty, and ready to embrace each other, swapping B.O. and the dreaded “con-flu.” Possibly you may consider long hours spent indoors, playing a series of tabletop games, dungeons and dragons or linking up everyone in an MMO. As a whole, our community has often been one surrounded by people who are – at least by “normie” standards — considered a bit odd. Any form of elegance and grace may come in the form of Disney princess cosplays, or general royalty renditions of other cosplays, but these are uniquely set up by people far more talented, and far prettier than this writer at least.

To cosplayer Tranquil Ashes, there is a void to be filled for our community. A void that perhaps was created by those of us who were on the geek train before it became cool and edgy to like comics. A void that a number of us may have felt when being rejected for high school prom or other elegant soirees. I am — of course — strictly speaking hyperbolically and with stereotypes, but Ashes has recognized one essential truth about the community here in the DMV: “Not a lot of the nerd community have had a chance to experience a night of elegance and mystery on fun and creativity since prom.”

The CosGala is meant to fulfill this void, drawing inspiration from Ashes’ travels to Venice, Italy, where she had the opportunity to experience the Venetian Carnival, a masquerade event filled with gorgeous masks, beautiful dancing, and a camaraderie shared by all in attendance. The CosGala Masquerade is meant to personify the best of the Venetian Carnival with the best of the geeky community. Ashes seeks to create an inclusive space where cosplayers can take a shot at creating (or purchasing, cosplay is inclusive to everyone!) gorgeous outfits that properly represent characters and ask the important questions like: What if we put All Might in a Masquerade setting?

At this prestigious event attendees will be greeted by extravagant colors, large chandeliers, and plenty of room to dance in one of Martin’s West gorgeous and spacious ballrooms. There they will find deliciously provided food in a buffet style, an open bar to drink any assortment of drinks (pinky up!) and a cosplay appreciation contest in which those who boldly have taken the time to handcraft their outfits will have the opportunity to win some prizes.

This event is not only one of a kind, it is the first of its kind in this region. When I asked Ashes what she hoped to achieve with such an endeavor she said, “My hope is that it grows into a true socialite event where [the community] can get together and enjoy themselves, share their experiences of the year and new projects while enjoying good food and good vibes. I want my event to be a safe space for all and I hope that it grows to be bigger and better and part of the Tranquil Ashes brand.”

The CosGala Masquerade will be held on Saturday, September 29th from 7pm – 12am at Martin’s West 6817 Dogwood Road, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Tickets may be purchased at and they may be purchased at 10% off with the discount code: CCBCLOVESCOSPLAY

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