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Southern Fried Asian: Bing Chen

Southern Fried Asian returns with an all new episode featuring the former head of creator development at YouTube and a co-founder of #GoldOpen, digital entrepreneur and Third Culture Kid, Bing Chen!

Before diving into his own origins, Bing reveals the secret origin of the Gold Open movement (2:00)  and how far the Asian American community has come since he was growing up in Knoxville (10:00). Speaking of Tennessee, Bing shares about how he came to terms with his Asian identity after moving from Knoxville to Shanghai (14:00). Then, Bing and Keith discuss the differences (or lack thereof) between Asian Americans and Asians from Asia (18:15) and the reverse culture shock moving back to the States (29:00). Finally, they close out the show reminiscing about buffet restaurants like Golden Corral and Ryan’s (37:30) and Bing remembers catching catfish at the now closed Crosseyed Cricket fishing hole (39:30)

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Our official theme music is the song “Top Down” by  ChopsTimothy Flu, and Mic Barz

Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu.

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