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Southern Fried Asian: ‘First Vote’

With less than three weeks to go for the 2020 Presidential Election, Keith sits down with filmmaker and subjects from the new documentary, First Vote: director Yi Chen, podcaster Kaiser Kuo, and professor Dr. Jennifer Ho on this special election edition of Southern Fried Asian.

The film follows the stories of four Chinese Americans from both sides of the political aisle in Ohio and North Carolina and the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Yi explains the movie’s long journey from inception to its release amidst an election during a pandemic (1:30). Jennifer and Kaiser, who represent the North Carolina portions of the film, also explain how they came to be part of the project (4:00). They also explore why so many Chinese American immigrants support Donald Trump (6:45). Later, Kaiser describes how he came to live in North Carolina (19:30) before they debate the necessity of Asian American as a political and cultural identity (22:00). They also discuss the film in the context of the coronavirus pandemic (34:00) and what can still go wrong if people don’t go out and vote (41:30).

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