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NOC’s Science Fiction Podcast ‘Occupy Me’ Is On Its Way

Here’s the first teaser trailer for our new science fiction audio drama Occupy Me, presented by Melancholyball and Hard NOC Media.

Occupy Me is a science fiction thriller/comedy about Earth’s first contact with two alien entities. The story follows a trio of “average” Earthlings who cross paths with the extraterrestrial visitors and learn of their parallel missions: one seeking discovery, the other scheming towards galactic domination. (It also has a little something to do with Cyrano de Bergerac.)

The first episode will premiere on or around October 13, 2019. Why that day in particular? Because it’ll be AOC’s birthday! That’s why.

The cast features Erin Quill, Britney Monae, Marc Abrigo, Andrea Guidry, Jessika Rodrigues, Michael Ouyang, Eric Cheung, and Will Hammond. Original music by Timo Chen. Written and directed by Dominic Mah. Occupy Me will be the first fictional narrative podcast from The Nerds Of Color’s podcast family; in keeping with the NOC’s mission statement, we’re pleased to feature an all-POC main cast. Details on how to listen and subscribe to the show will be announced in the near future.

We always welcome your Patreon support to complete our first season, planned at nine episodes, to be released monthly. Like a comic book. Hey, if we get sufficient Patreon support, we can deliver episodes more frequently, but for now, happy to be like a comic book.

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