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‘Occupy Me’, NOC’s Science-Fiction Audio Drama, Continues!

Occupy Me is a new science-fiction audio drama/narrative podcast presented by Hard NOC Media / The Nerds Of Color and Melancholyball Media. Episode 2: “Internet Killed The Video Store” premieres today.

The voice cast features Erin Quill, Britney Monae, Marc Abrigo, Jessika Rodrigues, Michael Ouyang, Andrea Guidry, Will Hammond, and Eric Cheung. Music by Timo Chen and other stellar contributors. Sound design by Andres Coca. Written and directed by Dominic Mah.

This episode pays a little extra tribute to the classic unrequited-love drama Cyrano de Bergerac. Much thanks to the cast for invaluable improvisational contributions. Season 1 will continue with monthly episodes throughout 2019 and 2020. If you’d like to support the show, please review/rate/subscribe at Apple Podcasts, contemplate our Patreon page, and maintain awareness of The Nerds Of Color‘s family of podcasts.

In keeping with The Nerds Of Color’s mission statement, we’re pleased to feature a main cast of People of Color, and will endeavor to engage appropriately relevant nerdy subject matter. If more detailed prattle on any of the above topics is desired, please engage @dommah, because honestly, there is a whole lot going on.

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