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DC FanDome: What To Expect from ‘The Flash’ Season 7

Because of the pandemic, The CW’s The Flash, like many shows, had to stop filming early. Waiting to learn what’s to come next has been excruciating, so let’s get right to it, Flash fans!

DC FanDome Day 1 gave us a new trailer for Season 7, complete with nice reveals.

Top is back! No wait, nobody cares. What about Iris!!

Okay, okay, I care. Played by Ashley Rickard, the Season 3 villainess induces vertigo in her enemies, and it looks like she might escape prison to wreak havoc on the team. Supervillain Eva McColluch still needs to be dealt with. But aren’t we all more concerned about Iris in the mirror?

Worryingly, though it seemed she shattered at the end of Season 6, it seems we may not have seen the last of Mirror Iris. Is she physically in the Mirror World, or just metaphysically playing mind games with an increasingly mentally-devastated Iris?

We also have confirmation that Godspeed will be returning as Season 7’s Big Bad, which may please comic book fans of the newer storylines. Who says the age has to be silver and gold all the time?

Speaking of gold…

DC FanDome Day 2 has now given us an extended panel and some fun little cameos and info.

Ah, the Gold Boots! Barry Allen debuted these in the silver age storyline, “Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt” in 1956, but they’ve never been used in the CW’s The Flash despite so many suit upgrades.

Until now?

In The Flash extended panel today, Eric Wallace confirmed that he and Grant have spoken “extensively” about the golden boots. Speaking theoretically, the golden boots could be a way around Barry’s loss of speed in Season 6 due to the death of the Speed Force, but according to Wallace, they have to be “earned.” When Barry will earn them, we have no idea, but fans will be waiting with baited breath to see if the scarlet speedster finally dons his sparkly footwear! If Candice’s little aside is anything to glean from, we might be getting them at Christmas, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Oh, and this one goes out to the WestAllen fans! We do get confirmation from Grant and Candice that Iris is getting out of that damn mirror shortly after the show returns for Season 7, which means more precious WestAllen moments, we hope, if the writers get their shit together and give us those beautiful, romantic, domestic scenes fans crave for! Unfortunately, as the trailer for Season 7 makes clear, the effects of the Mirror World may last well after Iris escapes back into the real world…

Oh, and Frost will be going on a date…. anyways.

And bless the angels of geekery, for DC FanDome Day 2 has also given us a little CW family fun. In a short clip, Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles answer a ‘fan’ question from Grant Gustin.

Ah yes, that time-old nerdy question geeks like to throw at each other to pass the time: who would win in a fight, Sam and Dean or Flash? While Jared points out that Flash is a meta-human and therefore quite strong, Jensen scoffs that metas are nothing more than monsters in Supernatural and Sam and Dean have fought God. Meanwhile, Grant Gustin has to be told by someone off camera who Sam and Dean are. No fighting, everyone! All in good fun folks!

But then again…

Supernatural has finished filming its final season. Is there a cross-over cameo in the works? Fingers crossed!

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