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‘Flash’ Director Teases Some Super Logos

For the last few weeks, The Flash director Andy Muschietti has been taking to social media to reveal glimpses at the costumes to be worn by Michael Keaton, Ezra Miller, and Sasha Calle, respectively in the upcoming entry into the DCEU.

It all started on June 4, when Muschietti posted a closeup of Keaton’s Batman Returns costume, complete with Watcmen-esque blood stain.

Then, on Monday, Muschietti dropped another tease, this time at Barry Allen’s upgraded Flash costume:

And today, the It director returned to social media to reveal the House of El crest to be worn by the DCEU’s Supergril, Sasha Calle. This reveal seems to confirm that The Flash will be set squarely in the DCEU since the S-shield is very reminiscent of the one worn by Henry Cavill.

Who knows what other reveals await in the time between now and when the movie is scheduled to come out in November 2022? After years in development hell, it’s just a relief we’re getting a Flash movie at all!

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